IngwerCrochet was founded in 2014 by me, Kimeko Neil, an avid maker since childhood. What was at first a simple way to bring products to customers, IngwerCrochet has since grown into a handmade brand. Located just outside of Chicago, I design and crochet every single product with care and detail. I’m inspired by both high fashion and simple practicality and interpret both into my creations.

In addition to crochet, I have another passion: entrepreneurship. IngwerCrochet taught me how passionate I am about business, which led me to begin working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Since opening, IngwerCrochet has become a featured shop at Chicago’s Jackson Junge Art Gallery Holiday Market each year and has expanded product lines and offerings as well. Each season brings new styles and inspiration, all designed to fit the quirky, colorful styles of the busy women of the world.