A Guide to Shopping at IngwerCrochet

With the new coupon code “shipfree2017” (free shipping on orders of $10+ until 7/3), I figured I’d write up a quick guide for what to try from IC.

1. The Original IngwerCrochet Ear Muffs


My ear muffs are my best-seller and they’re just $10! They won’t mess up your hair, they’re lined with fleece, and they’re super cute. You can purchase a pre-made pair or customize your own!

2. The New Bikinis


These are a new release and also just $10. These are perfect for breezy summer weather and look so cute whether you’re at a beach party or just lounging in your backyard! Custom colors and sizes available upon request.

3. Mini Wall Hangings


My wall hangings introduce my new Home Style section! At $20, they’re perfect to decorate your office, bedroom, or living space and bring that sweet vintage boho vibe.

I have so many new product releases coming this summer and thought this coupon would be a great way to get a taste of IngwerCrochet. Stay tuned!


The IC Home



Introducing a new section to my shop: Home Style! The first product to enter this category are these cute mini wall hangings.

I love making large wall hangings because they’re so free form – playing around with colors and textures results in some cool home decor. But, they take a long time to make. So, I made these!

At 13″ long and 7″ wide, they’re the perfect size to hang above jewelry displays, desks, or that little space on your wall that needs a finishing touch.

Four colors available to purchase now: